Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Break Reading Challenge Activity 10

1 - Go to Google or one of your favorite search engines and find search for blogs that cater to your tastes.  Try to find at least 3 blogs to share.

2 - Keep track of their title, web address, and a short summary of what you like about it.  

3 - Post something on your blog about these blogs with the title I'd Like To Give A Shout Out To...

And so, I'd Like to give shout outs to ......

Taschima Cullen at Bloody Bookaholic 
This was the very first blogs I ever found or followed. I absolutely love her blog! Taschima has wonderful reviews and insights on every book, and she's not afraid to express them. When I first started this blog, she answered my questions (starting a blog was a very confusing process for me). Thanks for the help Taschima! Keep up the awesome work!

Jessica at Chick Lit Teens
Jessica's blog is one of the best! I look forward to every post and enjoy all of her reviews and opinions, not to mention the cute blog. Jessica and I read similar books, so I like to see what she's reading. I get many of my next reads from her. Thanks for answering my stupid questions about blogging, Jessica!

Katie at Katie's Book Blog
Okay, Katie's blog is one of my favorites. She was also one of the first bloggers I followed, and I still enjoy her posts. Her reviews are detailed and really give me an idea of what to expect from a book. Of course, she was also supportive when I was starting this blog. Keep up the great reviews and reading!

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Natascha De Marco said...

Awww!! Thank you!

And I have no problemo answering questions, if you have any more you know where to find me ^^