Saturday, January 23, 2010

Freaksville by Kitty Keswick

Title: Freaksville

Series: Freaksville
Book #: One

Author: Kitty Keswick
Pages: 288
Published: 2010
Reading Level: Young Adult

Death by werewolves? Bring it on.

High school is hard enough when you’re normal. There’s peer pressure, book reports, the in crowd and the enormous zit that has a life of its own. Having a family whose skeletons in the closet lean toward the paranormal is not a topper on anyone’s list. Sophomore Kasey Maxwell is busy juggling the typical teen angst. Add visions, ghosts and hairy four-legged monsters into the mix and you get FREAKSVILLE. It’s a wonder Kasey has survived.

Every woman in the Maxwell family has the gift of sight. A talent sixteen-year-old Kasey would gladly give up. All she wants is a normal life. Shopping and talking about boys with her best friend and long-time sidekick Gillie Godshall consume her days. Until Kasey has a vision about Josh Johnstone, the foreign exchange student from England. The vision leads her into new waters, a lead in a play, a haunted theater…and into the arms of the Josh. Yet, both Kasey and Josh have secrets lurking in dark corners. Can Kasey’s new romance survive FREAKSVILLE?

Amber's thoughts: 

My overall reaction to this book wasn't great. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, but it definitely could have been better. Keswick had an interesting story, but the way it was written kind of overshadowed the real plot.

The writing was mediocre. Not amazing, but not terrible either. It was often very funny, but sometimes it seemed a little fake. Like I said, there was a great story, but it was hidden beneath attempts at humor and teenage slang. Boys were often described as "yummy" and "delish." This is one of the many examples of the teen talk in the book, which some may find annoying. Not all teenagers use the word "like" every, like, five seconds. :)

I found it hard to relate to the main character, Kasey. She seemed like the stereotyped teenage girl that comes to mind for most adults. The thing is, she isn't exactly realistic. Maybe there are a few teens like Kasey out there, but her personality seemed like it was only skin deep. She had her good moments here and there, but she became annoying too. 

The plot was good, and it kept me interested. I really did want to know what would happen next. There isn't much of a set up before the story takes off, which kind of bothered me. Within the first chapter, Kasey has been through more than others characters go through in half of the book. No setting the stage, character development, etc. Still, there was a mystery that will keep you guessing throughout the novel. 

I have to admit, I laughed at this book a lot. Kitty Keswick knows how to tickle her reader's funny bone. Whether it was Kasey or her friends, there was always something to make me smile. The book is told through Kasey's blog, and the comments were hilarious. The whole blog idea also gave the book a more original feel.

Although I didn't
love this book, I would recommend it to anyone in search of a lighthearted yet paranormal read. I will probably look into the sequels, just for the fun of it. The next book is called Furry and Freaked, in case you wanted to know. :)

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