Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Fetch by Laura Whitcomb

Title: The Fetch
Author: Laura Whitcomb
: 380

Published: 2009
Reading Level: Young Adult

"Everyone has a secret. I'll keep yours."

Calder is a Fetch, a death escort, the first of his kind to step from Heaven back to Earth. 

The first to fall in love with a mortal girl. 

But when he climbs backward out of that Death Scene, into the chaos of the Russian Revolution, he tears a wound in the ghost realm where the spirits begin a revolution of their own.

Amber's Thoughts:
After reading A Certain Slant of Light by this author, I had high expectations for this book. I was so disappointed that this book met none of them. This is the first time I've ever given a book two hearts, because I usually find something good about the story that can bring the rating up to three. There was nothing in this novel that convinced me it was worthy of three hearts, much less four or five. 

I spent much of this novel a little confused. The spirit world and the real world are so closely intertwined that I wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't. Time passes for the characters in quick jolts, and I thought the pacing was terrible. 

The characters were the one thing that made me consider giving this book a three. Some of them were developed well, but others were cast aside and given little thought. The main character, Calder, seemed a little flat to me. Nothing about him stood out, and although I didn't dislike him, I didn't feel any connection with him. 

On the front cover of this novel, it says that this book is "a supernatural romance." And in the synopsis, it says that he falls in love with a mortal girl. Not one bit of true romance enters the book until the very last chapters. I kept forcing myself to continue reading because I was so sure that the story would become interesting if I could just get to the next chapter. No such luck. 

This is one of the very few books that I won't be recommending. I will say that I still like this author, and if she could just write more novels like A Certain Slant of Light (which I highly recommend), she would be one of my favorites. 


Amelia said...

That's really interesting, Amber, because I've heard very similar things from other GR reviews. That would drive me crazy if a book is hyped to have a romantic plot and then not really deliver on that until the very end... Thanks for the honesty--I think I'll take your advice and skip this one :D

Erica said...

I'm bummed to hear you didn't like it much. I picked this one up not to long ago and was really looking forward to it =\ Now I'm not sure ...

Imogen said...


I've been meaning to read this one, for quite some time now. In fact I probably should have included it in my 2010 TBR lists. Damn..:roll:

Not too encouraging to hear you didn't like it, but I think I'll read it anyway and see how I feel about it...

Hope you are ok with me clicking on your TBR link. Feel free to drop by anytime :)