Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review Policy

Okay, is it just me, or has everyone been updating their review policies lately? It seemed like a pretty good idea to me, so here is my policy.

Authors/Publishers, I would love to read and review anything you have to send me. I do accept ARCS, but no ebooks please. Staring at the screen for hours would probably drive me insane. Lately, I've been reviewing everything I read. Then again, I've been choosing all of the books I read. I mostly read YA fiction and would be most interested in reviewing books from that genre. If you do send me a copy of a novel to review, I will try my very best to have the review up within a week or two from the date that I receive the book.

I strive to write honest reviews, no matter what. I receive no compensation for writing positive or negative reviews. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and happy reading!