Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review: Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard

Title: Prada and Prejudice
Series: N/A
Book #: N/A
Author: Mandy Hubbard
Pages: 270
Published: 2009

Reading Level: Young Adult

Callie is going to have one strange vacation.

To impress the popular girls on a high school trip to London, klutzy Callie buys real Prada heels. But trying them on, she trips…conks her head…and wakes up in the year 1815!

There Callie meets Emily, who takes her in, mistaking her for a long-lost friend. As she spends time with Emily’s family, Callie warms to them—particularly to Emily’s cousin Alex, a hottie and a duke, if a tad arrogant.

But can Callie save Emily from a dire engagement, and win Alex’s heart, before her time in the past is up?

Amber's thoughts:
I'd seen this book a few times before but never really thought about giving it a chance. I finally picked it up on a friend's recommendation. I was in search of a cute, chick-lit romance novel. Boy did I find it! It was an adorably sweet novel.

I'll admit the plot was a bit ridiculous. There wasn't much buildup before Callie was transported back in time. One second  she's in the twenty-first century, the next she's in a forest during the eighteen hundreds. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for the time travel. Callie just happened to trip while wearing her Prada heels and BAM! She's back in 1815.

If you can get through the absurd and slightly boring beginning, then the story really blossoms into an enjoyable tale. Imagine a Pride and Prejudice type story told from a twenty-first century girl's point of view. It was extremely interesting to see how a modern day girl would handle corsets and the traditions concerning women at the time. Callie was a relatable and funny character who allowed me to vicariously experience the 1800's. Alex, Emily, and the other characters were also fun to read about. I finished the book quickly after I reached the midway point. That's when things really started to get good :)

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the ending. I wasn't completely satisfied because there were a few loose ends that were never tied up, but overall, it was a fitting ending. 

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone in search of a lighthearted, girly novel. It was a clean read fit for any teenage girl about self-discovery and romance. I'll probably end up looking into Hubbard's other works in hopes of finding another cute read.


Christina T said...

I enjoyed this book too, particularly in the historical parts. Great review!

Have you read Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict? It isn't a YA novel but it is similar to this one so you might like it.

Kathy said...

I found you from the crazy-for-books blog hop (from two weeks ago!) but I just HAD to comment on this post because, when I saw the book cover, all I could think was WHERE CAN I GET ME SOME OF THOSE RED SHOES!!!! I think I'm in lurv. I'm not normally a red-shoe-kind-of-girl but, oh, I would be for this pair.