Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Sequels (15)

Sunday sequels is one of my newest memes. Every Sunday, I'll post covers, news, or other stuff about sequels in a popular series. This week I'm going to talk about The Broken Lakethe sequel to The Pace by Shelena Shorts. I've yet to read The Pace, but it looks interesting. 

The Broken Lake by Shelena Shorts
August 19, 2010

In the aftermath of Sophie's ordeal, Weston will make some uncharacteristic decisions to distance himself from the past in an attempt to change the future.

But, while venturing into the improbable, the present sneaks up in a chilling way that will lead to Wes' unexpected submission. Suddenly, Sophie will find herself watching as both his immortal secret and his own existence are threatened.
Continuously intriguing, The Broken Laketakes readers to a place where eternal bonds confront a division that is sure to leave everyone wondering whom they can trust

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i love your blog, and I have an award for you on mine! :)