Saturday, May 1, 2010

Asking for Review Copies

Hello my wonderful readers. As you can see, I am only NINE followers away from having a grand total of 100 followers! *does happy dance* I never even thought I'd get this far. I expected twenty followers or so, at the most. Thank you to all of my amazing followers!

Now, unlike most book bloggers, I have never received a book to review from a publisher or author. I have also never requested a review copy. I was waiting until I had written a good number of reviews and had a decent number of followers before heading down that path. Now that I am almost at 100 followers, I'm beginning to wonder about requesting review copies. 

So here's my question: when did you begin to ask for review copies? And how did you do it? I'd appreciate any advice on how to go about doing this. I'm new to this, remember? :D

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Kari Olson said...

Heya.... congrats on almost 100, first! Second... I didn't feel comfortable asking for review copies until I was hitting closer to 200 followers and I just looked online for the contact emails for 1 or 2 publishers that I wanted to start with and gave them the link to my blog, my stats and addresses and mentioned 1 title I was really looking forward to and left it up to them otherwise. Hope this helps!