Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sequels (27)

Sunday sequels is my own meme. Every Sunday, I'll post covers, news, or other stuff about sequels in a popular series. This week I'm going to talk about Exile (Aurelia #2) by Anne Osterlund.

Exile (Aurelia, #2)
Exile (Aurelia #2) by Anne Osterlund
April 28, 2011
Exiled. From the weight of others' expectations, the responsibilities of being crown princess, and the pressure to marry, Aurelia is finally free to travel the kingdom and meet the people of Tyralt. If only Robert, her expedition guide, would stop pestering her about her safety and just kiss her.

But then their journey erupts in a fiery conflagration, and with both of their lives and the fate of the kingdom at stake, she and Robert must determine whether they have the strength, and the will, to complete their mission. And face the darker side of exile.

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I haven't actually read the first book in this series, Aurelia, but it's on my list. Isn't that story with  most of the books I talk about? Too many books, too little time. Anyway, I thought I'd post about Exile since I just interview Anne Osterlund this past week. Here's the link to the interview