Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Author Chat: Ramona Wray

We have with us today Ramona Wray, author of Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale!

I was brought up in Romania by my grandparents, a couple of fantastic storytellers who filled my childhood with magic and stories about witches (vrajitoare), vampires (vampiri), fairies (iele or zane) and so much more. I grew up with a strong sense of the supernatural and from that to sitting down at a desk and crafting my own fantastic tales was only a small step, which I took early. I wrote poetry, even a few novels, short stories and essays, some of which occasionally appeared in the local newspapers.

The fall of the Communist bloc in 1989 brought about a great deal of change in Romania. To this day, the younger generations have welcomed and continue to welcome the opportunity to work and live abroad. It was what I chose for myself as well.

Ten years later, I'm married, mother to one little boy and currently living in Plymouth. For the past decade I lived in a few places, traveled to a few others, and learned, and adapted, all the while searching for a place to fit in. There has been a lot of change, but the important things stayed the same. They usually do...I never stopped writing, no matter where I went or what I did. Switching from Romanian to English has taken some time, but today I couldn't even imagine going back. It's important to chase our dreams, no matter what stands in the way, and the only way to do it is by moving forward. Always forward. (taken from Ramona's website)

- What was your inspiration for Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale

Hi Amber, and thanks for having me. I love old TV shows and, with Hex, it was while watching "Bewitched" that it occurred to me how much fun it would be to write a witch. So I did. And then I came up with the concept for the cover "so-
Bewitched-y" because I wanted to acknowledge the source of my inspiration. Turns out readers really love it. 

-What are some of your favorite books or authors? Do you think they influence your writing style?
I love, or at least like, every book I read. I have some classics that never leave my bedside table- Jane Austen, Henry James, H.G. Wells, Oscar Wilde, and then I have quite a few contemporary authors that I like to go back and reread every now and again. Holly Black, Maggie Stiefvater, Jenny Downham, Rosemary Clement-Moore, to name a few. I think writers are constantly influenced not only by other authors, but virtually any art form. And people. And life. And so on. It's never-ending. How you process and then incorporate that inspiration into your work- that's what gives an author his own flavor. 

-In your opinion, what are the most essential elements in any great story?

Ideally, there should be a set of great characters and a good plot. Personally, I think the characters are the ones that make or break a story. Characters should provoke some kind of emotion in the reader. Any emotion will work, as long as it packs a good punch. 

-If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be? 

Jane Eyre, I suppose. She's got so much inner grace, so much to look up to. 

-Do you think you will write more young adult novels, aside from Hex
Without a doubt. I'm not good at anything else :-). Currently, I'm working on "Echoes," a dystopian fiction. Completely new territory for me, which makes it that much more exciting. 
-Anything else you’d like to add, Ramona?

A big "thank you" to everyone who bought and read Hex. I hope you like it! And thank you for the feedback. I love when people email me their thoughts after reading my book. Greatest feeling in the world :-)

Thank you so much, Ramona! To check out my review of Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale, click HERE.


Alison Can Read said...

Great interview! I loved Jane Eyre, although I'd prefer not to be her in her darker times - like at the boarding school...or a lot of her life, really.

Piecraft Bucharest said...

Thank you for having me, Amber :-) And for everything else.

Marg @ Clockwork Reverie said...

Characters definitely make or break a story for me; they have to be fully fleshed out and easy to connect with. But in fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi books, good world building is also a must for me.

Great interview!

Unknown said...

Fantastic interview. I sort of love that she was kind of inspired by that old television show, Bewitched. It's totally one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows, too. Hee.