Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review: London- Kit & Robin

Title: London: Kit & Robin
Series: Year Abroad Trilogy 
Book #: One
Author: Rachel Hawthorne 
Published: 2000
Source: Borrowed from a friend

Robin's falling fast for an English guy named Kit Marlin. There are just a few tiny problems:

1) She's living with him and his family in London for the year.
2) He treats her like a sister.
3) He has a gorgeous girlfriend.

So she should just get over him and avoid a broken heart, right? (taken from
First off, let me say that I would never, ever be able to be a foreign exchange student for an entire year. Even in England, the language is incredibly different from that of America. My best friend was born in England and laughs at my naïveté. I was constantly asking her to define the many British terms. 

Reading about the authentic British language and traditions was really fascinating for me. I've never left the United States, so this novel was as close as I've ever come to touring London. My only complaint was that I had to tour the city with Robin. 

Robin's character drove me crazy. She causes so many problems for herself simply because she is stubborn and ridiculous. She tries to hide her Texan accent so she won't seem like a hillbilly, but she ends up looking like a fool. If she would have spoken up and just been herself, Robin could have avoided many of her sticky situations. 

Kit, on the other hand, was adorable. His sweet ways and sportiveness won me over when he first picked Robin up at the airport. His cute character and British ways pretty much made the book for me. Overall, I'd say give this book a try if you're interested in foreign exchange programs or England, but don't expect to find much character depth or an intense story. 


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Though Robin sounds like she'd annoy me, I enjoy the premise of this book - I haven't read many (if any) like it. Fab review, Amber :)

Eliza Mellark said...

Haha, nice review Amber :P I agree..Robin is completely annoying :\