Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Review

Breaking Dawn Movie - The Twilight saga
My Thoughts on the Most Recent Twilight Film 

To be honest, I can't remember the entire movie well enough to accurately judge it. The film, for me, was a blur of weddings, honeymoons, blood, and CGI wolves. Oh, and awkward dialogue exchanged between Edward and Bella. Afterwards, I sat down with a friend, and we began to tear apart the movie. We went on and on about the movie's endless flaws. So... why is it that I loved it? 

Like I said, I cannot remember all the details, but I'm going to highlight the main details that everyone is dying to know about. Warning, THERE ARE SPOILERS.

e Wedding: 

I've always been a fan of weddings. I already have my dream wedding meticulously planned out, from the fairy-tale dress to the enchanting location. Bella and Edward's wedding is about as over the top as it gets, and I had so much fun with it. Kristen Stewart looks stunning, with simple but gorgeous makeup and a vintage style dress. LOVED IT. While Robert Pattinson was slightly awkward, even his overly-moody disposition couldn't put a damper on this romantic occasion.

The Honeymoon: 
Now, we all know that this is the scene that millions of readers have been dying to see. Everyone has been wondering just how far they will take the sex scenes, seeing as the movie is rated PG-13. In my opinion, they keep the most extreme scenes teen appropriate, but just barely. If they had taken it one step further, then mothers everywhere would have been deeming this installment of the series inappropriate. However, the movie stays to true to the novel. The pivotal scene earned my approval. I recommend that you avoid seeing it with your mother, though... I speak from personal experience...

The Pregnancy: 
Oh my.... I was not expecting Bella to look so emaciated and sickly. It was brilliant, if you ask me. When I read Breaking Dawn, I pictured Bella sick, but in the movie, she literally looks like death. She is all skin and bones, covered in bruises. I shuddered when she drank the blood *gags*. Overall all, Bella's freak-vampire-baby pregnancy is very convincing. And I absolutely loved Edward's reaction to hearing the baby's thoughts for the first time! It was adorably heartwarming. 
The Birth: 
When Bella's spine cracked, I literally felt sick to my stomach. The sound of bones snapping... *shudders* The birth is extremely intense, with lots of blood and screams of pain. I think I may have left fingernail marks in my friends arm, I was squeezing her so hard. Just thinking about the violence has me flinching. The chaos, combined with the actors' convincing urgency, made this a scene I won't forget soon.

The Ending: 
I cannot believe I have to wait an entire YEAR to see the final movie. Why are they spreading them out so much? Part 1's ending was a major cliff-hanger. Bella's transformation was just as I imagined it, and I cannot wait to see her reaction to becoming a vampire. However... the fight scene between the wolves and the Cullens at the end didn't impress me. Actually, the wolves annoyed me throughout the movie. Their telepathy was cheesy, and their CGI almost laughable. That was probably my biggest complaint about the entire film.

Overall, I think Part 1 was a success. All of the Twilight movies are over the top and slightly comical, but this one is the best by far. If you're a Twilight fan (yay!), head to the theater now! If you are a Twi-hater (boo on you), then I was stay far away from this one and let the Twi-hards have their fun :)