Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite Characters of 2011

This week I will be participating in InkCrush's faves of 2011 events! Feel free to join in. It's a great way to review the year and reminisce about your favorite reads. The quote next to the winner of an award comes from my review of the book or from the book itself.

Day Two: The Characters

1. Favorite Female Main Character
Winner: Melanie/Wanda
Okay, so I know I'm kind of cheating by selecting two characters for this award. However, in some ways Melanie and Wanda are the same person. Together, they form one of the most intense heroines I've ever encountered. Wanda's utter selflessness and Melanie's iron will make both of them incredible characters.

Favorite Male Main Character
Winner: Jace Wayland 
"It's official: I have fallen in love with Jace all over again. He is truly incredible. If he asked, I would marry him in a heartbeat." Jace has everything. He's one of the best Shadowhunters to ever fight demons. He is absolutely gorgeous. He's cocky, hilarious, deep, devoted, everything. LOVE HIM.

3. Best Couple <3 
Winner: Adam and Juliette 
"As for Adam, the swoon-worthy romantic interest... Well, let's just say my heart melted countless times. While many might consider Adam and Juliette's relationship to be "insta-love," the characters' connection instantly felt realistic and beautiful to me. Their chemistry is almost palpable, and I fell for the blue eyed beauty almost as hard as Juliette did!"
4. Who I So Want to Be Best Friends With
Winner: Evie 
"absolutely adored the main character, Evie. Spunky and witty, she had me laughing out loud in even the most serious of moments. I also love how normal she is. Sure, her life is a little on the weird side, but she still falls prey to regular teenage insecurities. While Evie is quite stubborn, she does not take it to the point of being ridiculous or annoying. I couldn't have asked for a better protagonist."

 5. Who I Fell Completely in Love With (New Literary Crush)
"I really, really wanted to hate Noah Shaw. I mean, he's cocky, he's a ladies' man, and he smokes. I swear, I tried to despise him! But, somewhere along the way, he sort of swept me off my feet. Maybe it was his utter devotion and fierce love. Maybe it was his jaw-dropping good looks, or the way he always showed up at just the right moment. No matter the reason, I now believe that I may have to marry him."
6. Worst (Best and Baddest) Villain  
Winner: Furnace Penitentiary
"I read this book while flying on a plane, and I have to say I may have worried the lady sitting next to me. Smith's gruesome yet thrilling story had me cringing and shaking my head." Furnace Penitentiary is truly a place of your worst nightmares. Freaky stuff.

7. Best Character Twist (Who You Loved Then Hated or Vice Versa)
Winner: Lena 
"Everything in this sequel is different from the first book- the writing style, the flow, and most importantly, the characters. I barely even recognize Lena. While some may approve of her apparent personality make-over, I couldn't stand it. What happened to the relatable, beautiful, FAITHFUL girl I used to love? Because I can't stand this hardened shell that's taken her place. She's snappy and cold, and I often balked at her decisions (especially in her romantic life)."
8. Best Kick-Arse Female
Winner: Rose Hathaway 
"While most of society longs to become pale-skinned and ultra beautiful, I'd rather learn how to kick some Strigoi butt. During every fight scene, I LOVED how Rose held her own and took out so many of her opponents. Heroines who sit in the corner cowering always get me riled up, and I adored Rose's extreme bravery and wicked fighting skills."
9. Best Kick-Arse Male
Winner: Dimitri Belikov  
“Wow." I hadn't thought Dimitri could be any cooler, but I was wrong. "You beat up your dad. I mean, that's really horrible...what happened. But, wow. You really are a god." 
He blinked. "What?" 
"Uh, nothing.” (Vampire Academy)

 10. Broke Your Heart the Most
Winner: Matthias 
"Unlike many young adult books, the angels here are not cursed or fallen. They are completely pure and honest. I ab-so-lute-ly (hehe Matthias) loved reading about all of Matthias' visits. I found myself elated whenever he stepped into the picture. The ending nearly brought me to tears simply because I realized that I would never read another new tale about Matthias again."
11. Favorite Pet/Animal Character Award
Winner: Fat Louie  
"That boy is what Grandmére has started calling Michael, ever since I announced that he was my reason for living. Well, except for my cat, Fat Louie, of course." (Princess in Waiting)

12. Best YA Parents Award
Winner: Claire's Parents
This was a really diffcult award to decide on, simply because there are VERY few YA novels in which parents are alive/present, much less supportive. I finally decided on Claire's parents, simply because they were there for her as she dealt with her grief over her crush's death.
13. Favorite Sibling Relationship
Winner: The Cahill Sisters 
"Before her mother died, Cate promised to protect her sisters.The Cahill sisters are closely bonded, both by blood and magic. Cate is willing to sacrifice anything in order to better her sisters' lives. While they have spats and don't always agree, the love between them is visible.

14. Favorite Best Friends/Friendship Award
Winner: Anna and Frankie 
"Inside her head, Frankie had the map to my entire life, and I to hers.

“They didn’t hold Frankie as she sobbed for hours at a time without talking. They didn’t make sure she ate even when she wasn’t hungry. They didn’t do her homework when she couldn’t concentrate, or explain to our teachers why she was late to every class.”
 But Anna did.

15. Best/Worst Character Names
Winner: Patridge 
Patridge? Partidge... okay then... I can MAYBE see that as a girl's name. But for a boy? No. Just no. But I sill love him.