Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite Scenes of 2011

This week I will be participating in InkCrush's faves of 2011 events! Feel free to join in. It's a great way to review the year and reminisce about your favorite reads. The quote next to the winner of an award comes from my review of the book or from the book itself.

Day Three: The Scenes

1. Best First Chapter
Winner: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
“I sighed. I hate the vamp jobs. They think they're so suave. It's not enough for them to slaughter and eat you like a zombie would. No, they want it to be all sexy, too. And, trust me: vampires? Not. Sexy. I mean, sure, their glamours can be pretty hot, but the dry-as-bone corpse bodies shimmering underneath? Nothing attractive there.”

2. Best Climax
Winner: Matched by Ally Condie
“So in the middle of all the noise, I point to the sky. I hope he understands what I mean, because I mean so many things:

My heart will always fly his name. I won't go gentle. I'll find a way to soar like the angels in the stories and I will find him.

And I know he understands as he looks straight at me, deep into my eyes. His lips move silently, and I know what he says: the words of a poem that only two people in the world know. Tears well up but I blink them away.

Because if there is one moment in my life that I want to see clearly, this is it.”

3. Best Ending
Winner: A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb
"My pain forgotten, my clothes dry and clean, I pulled James close to me.

As he lifted my chin, I felt no sensation of falling as when I had been Light touching one who is Quick. It wasn’t the mere heat of a stolen moment in borrowed flesh.

We touched now soul to soul, both of us Light. And when we kissed, the garden rocked, floating upstream."

4. Best Plot Twist/Revelation (no spoilers!)
Winner: Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles 
never saw it coming!!! But it says no spoilers, so I guess you'll just have to find out for yourselves :)

 5. Scariest/Most Disturbing Scene
Winner: Pure by Julianna Baggott  
That scene…
with the bomb…
and the blood…
and the scraps of bodies…
6. Steamiest Scene (or sweetest/sexiest kiss award)
Winner: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
"Hot water is puddling in my clothes. It’s pelting my hair and pouring down my neck but all I feel are his hands around my waist. I want to cry out for all the wrong reasons.

His eyes pin me in place. His urgency ignites my bones. Rivulets of water snake their way down the polished planes of his face and his fingers press me up against the wall.

His lips his lips his lips his lips his lips
My eyes are fighting not to flutter
My legs have won the right to tremble
My skin is scorched everywhere he’s not touching me.

His lips are so close to my ear I’m water and nothing and everything and melting into a wanting so desperate it burns as I swallow it down."

7. Best Swoon-Worthy Moment 
Winner: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
"Have you kissed many boys before?" he asked quietly.
His question brought my mind back into focus. I raised an eyebrow. "Boys? That's an assumption."
Noah laughed, the sound low and husky. "Girls, then?"
"Not many girls? Or not many boys?"
"Neither," I said. Let him make of that what he would.
"How many?"
"I am taking away that word. You are no longer allowed to use it. How many?"
My cheeks flushed, but my voice was steady as I answered. "One."
At this, Noah leaned in impossibly closer, the slender muscles in his forearm flexing as he bent his elbow to bring himself nearer to me, almost touching. I was heady with the proximity of him and grew legitimately concerned that my heart might explode.
Maybe Noah wasn't asking. Maybe I didn't mind. I closed my eyes and felt Noah's five o' clock graze my jaw, and the faintest whisper of his lips at my ear. 
"He was doing it wrong."
8. Biggest Nail-Biting Moment
Winner: Delirium by Lauren Oliver (the end scene, which I can't actually post here without spoiling the story)
"I run for I don't know how long. Hours, maybe, or days. Alex told me to run.

So I run.

You have to understand. I am no one special. I am just a single girl. I am five feet two inches tall and I am in-between in every way. But I have a secret.

You can build walls all the way to the sky and I will find a way to fly above them. You can try to pin me down with a hundred thousand arms, but I will find a way to resist. And there are many of us out there, more than you think. People who refuse to stop believing. People who refuse to come to earth. People who love in a world without walls, people who love into hate, into refusal, against hope,and without fear.

I love you. Remember. They cannot take it."

9. Most Hilarious Scene
Winner: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare (the entire book, really)
“You're just worried they'll hire a male instructor and he'll be hotter than you."

Jace's eyebrows went up. "Hotter than me?"

"It could happen," Clary said,

"You know, theoretically."

"Theoretically the planet could suddenly crack in half, leaving me on one side and you on the other, forever and tragically parted, but I'm not worried about that either. Some things," Jace said, with his customary crooked smile, "are just too unlikely to dwell upon.”

 10. Most Heart-breaking/Tear-jerker Moment
Winner: The Host by Stephenie Meyer
“Ian stood above me, his chest heaving with exertion and fury. For a second he turned away and put the door back in place with one swift wrench. And then he was glowering again.

I took a deep breath and rolled up onto my knees, holding my hands out, palms up, wishing that some magic would appear in them. Something I could give him, something I could say. But my hands were empty.

"You. Are. Not. Leaving. Me." His eyes blazed - burning brighter than I had ever seen them, blue fires.

"Ian," I whispered. "You have to see that... that I can't stay. You must see that."

"No!" he shouted at me.

I cringed back, and, abruptly, Ian crumpled forward, falling to his knees, falling into me. He buried his head in my stomach, and his arms locked around my waist. He was shaking, shaking hard, and loud, desperate sobs were breaking out of his chest.

"No, Ian, no," I begged. This was so much worse than his anger. "Don't, please. Please, don't."

"Wanda," he moaned.

"Ian, please. Don't feel this way. Don't. I'm so sorry. Please."

I was crying too, shaking too, though that might have been him shaking me.

"You can't leave."

"I have to, I have to," I sobbed.

And then we cried wordlessly for a long time.”