Friday, June 15, 2012

Queens of Literature (4)

In today's society, it is nearly impossible for teens to find a role model among the emaciated models and unrealistic characters of reality television shows and movies. Fortunately, authors of the twenty-first century are conjuring up female characters worthy of discussion and admiration. I've decided to highlight one of these characters every week in my newest meme, Queens of Literature. Each post will focus on a fictional heroine from a book I have read who possesses the qualities of a truly incredible woman.

Isaboe of Lumatere
  “It’s against the rules of humanity to believe there is nothing we can do.”   

*WARNING: There are spoilers from The Lumatere Chronicles*

Who is she? 
Isaboe, formerly known as Evanjalin of the Monts, is the literal queen of the kingdom of Lumatere in The Lumatere Chronicles. After witnessing and escaping the horrific slaughter of her royal family as a little girl, Isaboe took on the identity of an orphaned Mont and survived on her own for ten years. During that decade, Isaboe grew into a determined, brilliant, and inspirational leader. With the help of Finnkin of the Rock and her other followers, Isaboe reclaims her kingdom for the clutches of an evil tyrant. 

The photo I used is not actually Isaboe. It is a piece of fanwork I found on, and all credit goes to the artist. However, that is almost exactly how I picture Isaboe. She's even wearing a purple dress that matches the description below!

“Isaboe was dressed more for comfort than for style, but still she managed to take Froi's breath away. When he had first laid eyes on her in that Sarnak alleyway, her head had been bare. Now her hair was thick and black and fell down her back, contrasting with the deep purple of her simple dress that fell loosely, from her shoulders. ”
"What is she like? Evanjalin of the Monts?" he asked.

Finnikin thought for a moment. "Strong. In here," he said, thumping his chest twice. "Humbling. Ruthless. Cunning. She can love people with a fierceness that I have not seen before." He smiled when he realized he was talking too much. "And she looks like a Mont woman, so of course she is very beautiful."

Why She Is a Queen: 
1. She is an awe inspiring leader who shows little fear in the face of danger.

"You remember her, don't you, Lord Freychinet? The queen? Tallish. Dark hair. Not the type to say things twice, so when she speaks the words, 'Tell them that if they have a problem with my decision, I may be forced to look into the crimes against my people that took place while my lords turned their backs,' I tend to take them to heart."
2. Despite her royal status, Isaboe behaves as if she is no better than anyone else and is always willing to lend a hand. 

"Trevanion saw the queen the instant he arrived. She was dressed in peasant clothing like those around her and she was hacking at the earth with the same determination."
3. Isaboe encourages those around her to become better people through example and words of inspiration. A wonderful example of this behavior is how she saves Froi from a life of depravity and starvation by simply believing in him.

"Froi remembered nothing about Lumatere. All he had known was life on the streets in another kingdom, where a chance meeting with Finnikin and the queen changed his life. In a secret part of him, Froi reveled in what he had gained from Lumatere's curse. He never looked back, because if he did, he would have to think of the shame and the baseness of who he had once been without his bond. He would do anything to prove his worth to the queen." 
4. She isn't afraid to pick up a weapon and protect herself and those around her. 

"Before he knew it, Finnikin's sword was kicked toward him as she grabbed the man's sword at his hip and plunged it into his thigh. Finnikin was stunned, but the sight of Evanjalin fighting one of the theives was all he needed to act." 
5. She does what needs to be done, even when others don't have the courage or faith to do so.

"Do not despair in the darkness, Finnikin. It will be my despair you sense, but I have never allowed it to overtake me, so do not let yourself be consumed."

I only wish I could be as strong as Queen Isaboe. Her inner and outer beauty has distinguished her as an exemplary heroine. If you haven't looked into The Lumatere Chronicles, I strongly suggest you do! They are amazing, filled with deep characters like this queen.