Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boys Are Better in Books: Win Delacroix

"Boys Are Better in Books" aka "My book boyfriend" is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader. This is a weekly meme in which bloggers can discuss a fictional crush. Swoon-worthy quotes and an explanation for why you chose the character are encouraged! Also, I enjoy choosing pictures that look how I imagine the character. If you want to join in this fun meme, visit Missie's blog

Win Delacroix
"For now," I said. "You're crazy about me for now." 
"Forever," he insisted. "I mean it." 

Who he is: Win is a character from the Birthright series by Gabrielle Zevin. The son of one of the most powerful men in New York, the last thing Win should do is fall for the daughter of a crime lord. And that's exactly what he does.


Hair: Not specified (I picture it dark)

Eyes: Soft blue

He certainly wasn't hard to look at. Tall and thin. Tanned skin and toned arms which must have come from the farming he'd mentioned. Soft blue eyes and a mouth that seemed more inclined to smile than to frown. 

"Dance with me," Win said. "I know I'm probably making a fool of myself. You're probably thinking, how many times do I have to reject this guy? Can't he take a hint?"

I shook my head.

"But somehow I don't even care. I see you in your red dress, standing by the punch table, and something in me wants to keep trying. I think, she is a person worth knowing."

An hour or so later, I woke. Win was asleep with the guitar across his chest. I picked up the guitar and laid it down on the floor. I couldn't help myself. I kissed him.

He stirred, then woke, then kissed me back.

I heard a gentle knock at the door: Win. He was carrying my pajamas, which he had folded up. Win was gentlemanly that way. Gable, for instance, would have thrown my discarded clothes at me in a rumpled ball. 

I leaned over to kiss him, and he pulled back and offered me his hand. "Only on the hand from now on," he said.

"You're being extremely annoying."

I kissed his hand and then he kissed mine. He pulled me close so that his lips were near my right ear. "You know how we could solve all this?" he whispered. "We really could get married."

"Stop saying that! You sound absurd, and I don't even think you mean it. Besides, I'd never marry you," I told him. "I'm sixteen, and you're a slut, and you can't stop saying preposterous things!"

"True," he admitted. He kissed me on the lips and then closed the door.

Win won my heart from the very beginning. Sweet, devoted, and patient, he is just the type of boy that Anya needs in her chaotic world. I strongly recommend All These Things I've Done. Trust me, it will be worth it after you meet Win :)