Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow by Gwen Hayes

Title: Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow
Author: Gwen Hayes 
Release Date: September 28, 2012
Source: Bought

My Rating: fullfullfullfullquarter
The colony of New Geneva has risen from the ashes of her dying mother planet, Earth, by rebuilding a society based on a time before everything went horribly, horribly wrong...the Victorian Era...

Violet Merriweather first sets eyes on Colonel Winston when he purchases her at auction from Witherspoon Academy, the orphanage where she’d been raised after her rescue from Earth. Dutifully, as she was taught, Violet pushes away her fear of the monstrous, forbidding Thornfield Abbey, and throws herself into her work as governess to the Colonel’s youngest son.

But the Colonel's elder sons have other ideas.

John and Gideon Winston are as different as night and day, and each wants to claim Violet for his own. John immediately charms her with his intelligence and cordial demeanor, while Gideon, the dark rogue, delights in flustering her at every opportunity, awakening a yearning she doesn't understand and most assuredly does not want. She tries to deny her pull to both men, but an uneasy midnight bargain with one forges a new alliance as she’s dazzled by an underground New Geneva she hadn't known existed. And temptations she cannot resist.

But something is preying on the women of New Geneva, something that threatens to unleash the ghosts of Thornfield and drag them all into hell. And that something wants Violet most of all. (taken from
Although Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow is a short e-book that most have never heard of, I had high expectations when I started the first chapter. My best friend, the lovely Eliza Mellark, recommended it to me with high praise and quite a lot of swooning. Thankfully, I have been able to join her in her gushing and swooning. This book intrigued me and kept me reading late into the night as I devoured the romance.

The world in which Violet has grown up in is an original, fascinating one. Similar to the trending Steampunk novels, the novel is based in a world where gadgets and space travel mix with the romantic Victorian era. Trust me, I gobbled that up. I only wish the story had been longer. I desperately wanted to explore more of New Geneva, and I can only hope that Hayes will continue to build upon this world. 

The romance, although it takes place between two young people, is fairly explicit. The book hovers on that thin line between adult and young adult literature. It is a bit too juvenile to be categorized as adult, but there are definitely some scenes that are intended for a more mature audience. 

Gideon is the classic bad boy. You know, the one girls are never supposed to fall for but always do. Violet, on the other hand, is a more original character. She is headstrong and determined, even though she is expected to be submissive and fragile. Women in New Geneva are supposed to be beautiful and quiet, serving men in any way that they can. Violet rebels against this expectation, thanks to Gideon's encouragement. It is for this reason that I loved their relationship. Gideon and Violet make each other feel loved and accepted. Plus, they have some amazing chemistry.

In the end, I found myself enjoying Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow more than I thought I would. It's a fascinating tale of new worlds and first loves that I couldn't put down. I'd definitely recommend it to any fans of Hayes, as well as lovers of romance and Steampunk. 

“It was as if we were all aware that our future was being written in that moment, and we were all powerless to fight the furious quill."