Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars Playlist

After falling head over heels for John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, I was listening to music. If there's one thing I love as much as this book, it's music. So I decided to share the songs that remind me of this beautiful novel. SPOILER ALERT. Do not read these if you haven't yet read The Fault in Our Stars. Besides, why are you even on the computer if you haven't read this book? Go read it. Now. 

"You make a bad day better than good.
You make me feel better than I should.
You understand when I’m misunderstood,
Like no one else ever could.
And girl you show me things I never see
If you were never there to see them with me."

This song reminds me of Augustus and Hazel's friendship, not their romance. They were best friends before they fell in love. For me, these lyrics really capture the heart of their relationship.

"Where did all the people go?

They got scared when the lights went low.
I'll get you through it nice and slow,
When the world's spinning out of control"

I love how this song compares those who run away during hard times and those who stick with the ones they love, no matter how rough the going gets. Hazel and Augustus are soldiers. 

Addicted by Morgan Page 

"And I, I might be addicted
To where and how you land up on your feet.
Yeah, I might be addicted
To how you always get the best of me."

This song always reminds me of August and Hazel's trip to Amsterdam. It has such a catchy, happy tune. It also reveals how Hazel realizes that she can't unlove Augustus. I can just picture the confetti falling, the champagne, Anne Frank's house, everything.

If the Moon Fell Down by Chase Coy

"Cuz I just always wanna have you right here by my side.
The future's near but never certain.
At least stay here for just tonight."

Hazel and Augustus are always living in the moment. Hazel never knows how much time they will have together. This is a song about loving someone while you have them. 

Right By Your Side by James Morrison

"Where was I when your tears were falling?

Where was I when you needed a friend?
Where was I when your heart was calling?
Do you not remember? Well I'll tell you then.

You know I remain right by your side.
Push through the rain and into the fire.
'Cause when I said I loved you,
It's just what I meant.
So when you asked me where was I when,
Every time I was right by your side."

This song reminds me of Augustus' severe illness and death. It's incredibly sad but also full of love. Hazel was there, even when things were ugly. She never abandoned him.