Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Things That Make My Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

1. Goodreads 
I cannot tell you how much Goodreads has changed my reading experience. I track everything on this website, from books I want to read to the novels I have reviewed. I cannot recommend it enough. It has helped me to follow more reviewers and stay up to date with the newest releases. 

2. My local library 
Let me just say this. I am poor. Reading is a fairly expensive hobby, and without my local library, I wouldn't be able to read half as many novels as I do now. 

3. Netgalley/Edelweiss 
For a blogger or reviewer, www.netgalley.com and www.edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com are two incredible tools. These sites allow you to request digital ARCs from publishers and download them to your PC, Mac, Kindle, or other electronic reading devices. 

4. Sticky tabs
Okay, so this might sound a bit ridiculous, but I often have to pace myself to finish a book by a certain date. I often calculate how many pages I must read per day in order to finish on time, and I mark the daily amounts with colorful tabs. I also use tabs to mark my favorite quotes in novels. 

5. My Kindle 
For the longest time, I was adamant about avoiding electronic readers. Then I received a Kindle for Christmas, and I realized the error of my ways. Now I am in love with my e-reader. To hear more about what I think of my Kindle, check out this post

6. Blogger's ability to schedule posts in advance 
I'm kind of terrible at keeping up with a posting schedule. By scheduling my posts weeks in advance, I don't have to stress about getting interviews, reviews, or other things up on time. 

7. Twitter
This is a wonderful tool for readers and bloggers in that it allows them to stay connected with publishers and authors. I wouldn't remember a lot of release dates or hear about breaking news in the world of literature without Twitter. 

8. Amazon.com 
Once again, I'm poor. Amazon's prices can't be beat when it comes to novels. I also pay for Amazon Prime and receive free shipping on all of my orders. Best. Thing. Ever. 

9. Tumblr
While Tumblr serves little functional value when it comes to blogging, it allows me to fangirl with hundreds of other readers and reviewers. It's an amazing way to waste time and to find readers as obsessed as I am. 

10. Bloglovin' 
This is another way for my followers to stay up to date with The Reading Addict. I can also follow other blogs without using GFC.