Thursday, July 9, 2015

Author Chat with M.E. Parker

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In this world-building series, perfect for fans of Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451 and Hugh Howey's WOOL, to survive a grim island prison a young man and woman must work for the Complex. To escape it, they will need to destroy it.

Myron enters the Jonesbridge Industrial Complex as a worker, a prisoner, commanded to harvest the scant resources that enable the powers that be to continue waging an unwinnable war. When Sindra—a fellow prisoner and a spirited fighter—joins him at the salvage line, he finds a new reason to live, and to escape. Even though any attempt to leave will lead to execution, Myron and Sindra plan a daring escape.

But when a guard is found murdered and Myron is blamed for the crime, it appears that they will not even get a chance to attempt to fly over the gorge that separates Jonesbridge from the rest of the world. It will take everything that Myron and Sindra have to merely survive their brutal overlords. It will take even more to set them both free. As their world changes, Myron and Sindra work through the Jonesbridge underground, meeting a mesmerizing cast of characters—dangerous survivors bent on destroying Jonesbridge once and for all. 
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"When I was a kid (late 1970’s), fourth grade or so, I had an inexplicable fascination with drawing factories and chimney stacks belching smoke into the sky.  I drew them tall and short and in perspective, no sketch complete until the the smoke filled the page. Thirty plus years later, I ran across one of those drawings in a stack of keepsakes at my mother’s house, and my eye was drawn from the edge of the page to the world under the smoke, a future world in a dark age where technology has been lost and with it the information we’ve amassed in the digital realm. A love story in a world of  coal, smoke, rust, and salt."

"I don’t listen to music while I’m actually writing, but I do when I am percolating, which takes much more time than the writing. I throw some ideas in a wet pan and let them stew while I stir with the music on. Every story has a soundtrack but I find Jimi Hendrix or Tom Waits a necessity to get things started in the right direction.  It all depends on the mood of the piece and what time period or landscape I’m trying to evoke."

"Well, some of them are a combination of people I know. Rolf, for example, is sort of a mash-up of someone I knew in the Navy mixed with my Jr. High shop teacher." 

"Why? I’d head to the future. The biggest reason is that I don’t trust myself not do something stupid in the past and manage to blink my future self out of existence (that said, I would love to view the past as it was happening). The future on the other hand is is malleable."

"Cry, scream, run back and forth, call 911, unless in the middle of the Ocean (in which case I’d grab the seat cushion that serves as a flotation device) or on top of a mountain, in which case I’d wander off into the woods in a daze until I came to my senses. -- truthfully I have no idea. That’s a tough question."

"I’m going to put my money on Spiderman with the caveat that they are fighting where there are tall buildings or structures.  But out in the flat, Batman has the edge (though I think they’d both rather fight in the canyon of Manhattan-esque buildings)."

"I’d say Chapter 19."

"Watering Heaven by Peter Tieryas"

"I run. I generally run between 7 and 10 miles a day whether I have writer’s block or not, but if the words are stuck, that usually loosens them up."


If you've run out of gas on a stretch of road where the telephone poles have turned to pillars of salt and you reach at last the intersection where history meets the future, take off your shoes, wade into the ditch, pull aside the carrion and you'll find M.E. Parker’s Hinterland Trilogy. M.E. Parker searches for beauty and love in rust and salt, for meaning and truth in the facades of wind-blasted ruins.

His short fiction is published in numerous print publications and Internet haunts. JONESBRIDGE: Echoes of Hinterland (the first of Hinterland Trilogy) is forthcoming in 2015 from Diversion Books. 
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