Monday, August 31, 2015

August's Random Addictions

I've decided to start composing a list at the end of each month with my new favorites. These favorites might consist of books, podcasts, television shows, snacks, whatever! Obviously, this will be branching out a little from my previously, solely book related posts. Hope you guys enjoy the miscellany though!

Favorite YouTuber: Zoe Sugg 

Okay, so Zoe definitely isn't a new favorite of mine. I've been watching her videos for YEARS, but I wanted to spotlight her this month because I simply adore her. 

Zoe, aka Zoella on YouTube, is a fashion/lifestyle vlogger, and I have been one of her subscribers for what feels like forever. I've watched her go from a fairly popular vlogger to an 
international sensation. Although she has millions of subscribers and is the author of the novel Girl Online, Zoe still comes across as a down to earth and overall adorable person. 

I would watch any video Zoe makes, from videos detailing her latest haircut to descriptions of her shopping trips. No matter what she's talking about, Zoe makes an effort to personally connect with her viewers in a relatable and quirky way. 

If you haven't heard of her before, which is unlikely, then you're missing out on her entertaining videos and on getting to know this sweet girl.

Visit Zoe's channel here: 


Favorite App: Plant Nanny 

I am the absolute worst when it comes to staying hydrated. For some reason, I find it impossible to remember to drink water throughout the day. As a college student, it's easy for me to loose track of the time and leave my water bottle behind.

Plant Nanny is the perfect app for people like me. Not only does it send you reminders to drink water throughout the day, but it also motivates you to record each bottle you drink.

As you consume water and record it, your adorable plant (which you can choose and name when you download the app), also benefits. When you don't drink water, your sweet plant looks dry and unhappy.

This app is a cute and effective tool to use if you're trying not to dry up in the summer heat. I already notice myself drinking a substantially larger amount of water on a daily basis, and I feel good knowing I'm trying to improve my hydration!

Favorite Podcast: 

Although I am no longer forced to endure a hellish commute to work every day (THANK GOD), I find myself consistently turning to podcasts when I'm in the car instead of turning on my music.

RadioLab is an absolutely fascinating show. As it says on their website, this is a show "about curiosity." It provides insight on a vast array of topics, from philosophical ideas and personal stories to the more technical details of health insurance in America.

I can honestly say I feel like a more well-rounded and educated person by listening to this podcast, and as boring as that sounds, I love it. These people make learning interesting, and long drives suddenly seem a lot shorter when I have them to keep me company.

For more information, visit:

That's all for this month, guys! What were your favorites this month?