Saturday, August 1, 2015

Queens of YA Literature: Linh Cinder

Over the past decade, Western society has made enormous strides towards gender equality. However, we all know that the media and other aspects of our world occasionally fail to portray women in the best light. Video games, movies, and even books sometimes portray as weak-willed and second rate. 

Fortunately, many authors of the twenty-first century are conjuring up female characters worthy of discussion and admiration. I've decided to highlight some of these characters with this meme, Queens of Literature. Each post will focus on a fictional heroine from a book I have read who possesses the qualities of a truly incredible woman.

(Artistic rendering done by lostie815

A futuristic cyborg with more to her than metal limbs and grease stains.

Who is she? 
At sixteen years old, Cinder (from the novel of the same name by Marissa Meyer) has more than your regular heap of adolescent issues. Raised by a step-family that despises her, she finds solace in her talent with machines. Cinder is the primary heroine of The Lunar Chronicles, and her life changes drastically as she unearths secrets about her past. 

Fairly tall, with dark eyes and tanned skin. Her hair is described as "mousy," and although she claims she is nothing special, many describe her as beautiful or striking. Of course, this could be a result of her sexy metal thigh

Why is she a queen? 
I think the quote I included below is a pretty powerful example of why Cinder is a YA queen. She's smart, hardworking, and kind, but she also embodies a sense of female-empowerment that I think we need to see more of in literature. Her character might stem from the classic image of Cinderella, but she's no helpless princess.