Monday, September 28, 2015

September's Random Addictions

I've decided to start composing a list at the end of each month with my new favorites. These favorites might consist of books, podcasts, television shows, snacks, whatever! Obviously, this will be branching out a little from my previously, solely book related posts. Hope you guys enjoy the miscellany though!

Favorite Recipe: Butter Beer Cupcakes

Yep, you read that right. Butter Beer. 

The inner Harry Potter nerd inside me squealed with absolute delight when I stumbled upon this recipe, created by Amy over at Amy Bites

I love baking, with a passion. I do it every couple of days at the least. It helps me de-stress, and my friends and family are more than happy to sample the results of my relaxation. However, I suck at whipping up my own concoctions. Give me a recipe and I'll follow it perfectly, but ask me to come up with my own and we've got flat cookies and extra salty cakes. 

Amy's instructions are incredibly easy to follow, and the products are equally delightful. I baked these and shared them with my little brothers as we turned on a Harry Potter movie marathon. Can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday? I think not.


Favorite Television Show: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

I'll admit it: when I first saw the trailer for this show, I rolled my eyes. What a ridiculous premise. I didn't even think about giving it a shot.

That is, until my little sister raved to me about the hilarity of Kimmy's escapdes. Under her persuasion, I finally sat down to try out this quirky looking show.

Turns out, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is downright brilliant. The characters, with their witty lines and general silliness, made me laugh out loud constantly. The show embraces it's absurd premise and decorates the plot with sarcastic social commentaries. Trust me, Kimmy and her comrades will have your sides hurting within a matter of minutes.


Favorite Beauty Product: Jenna Hipp Nail Polish  

First of all, let me just say that I am your typical college student. In other words: I'm dirt poor.

So many nail polish brands consistently shock me with their prices. Essie nail polish, for example, can range from $8 - $10 per bottle. Homegirl ain't got the money for that...

On the flip side, if you purchase cheaper nail polishes, they often chip off easily or appear dull/lumpy. Not a fan.

Thankfully, I discovered Jenna Hipp at Costco. Her nail polishes come in large sets, and I was able to purchase 12 different colors for about $10. Although the bottles are relatively small, they last for a surprisingly long time. I was also impressed by their quality. No one chips their  nail polishes quicker than I do, but these held up pretty well, even under my harsh abuse.

That's all for this month, guys! What were your favorites this month?