Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ten Characters You Just Didn't Click With

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely girls at The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Saba from Blood Red Road 
"Saba is a harder, less compassionate version of Katniss. While I admired her fierce strength and determination, her lack of empathy kept me at arm's length. Especially in the beginning, Saba comes across as self-centered and uncaring." (my review) 
2. Colleen from Maine Squeeze 
"The only real problem I had with the story was Colleen. Ugh, that girl ticked me off about half-way through the book. She spends so much time whining and complaining about her problems. She refuses to accept responsibility for most of the ridiculous mistakes she makes, instead blaming others around her." (my review) 
3. Auden from Along for the Ride
"Don't get me wrong, I think Dessen is extremely gifted in the area of young adult literature. She is adept at analyzing teenage girls and conveying their insecurities, hopes, dreams, and fears in her tales. However, I disliked Auden. I tried to make myself relate to her, but I just couldn't. She comes across as so guarded and unfriendly. Yes, yes, I know that makes her more of an authentic character, but come on. It's hard to enjoy reading about a girl who rarely finds joy in anything." (my review) 
4. Tris from Insurgent
"I have very mixed feelings about her character. In Divergent, Tris comes across as a well-developed and deep character. She constantly struggles between acting fearlessly and acting selflessly. However, she becomes more reckless and hardened in Insurgent. Yeah, I get that she's witnessed some disturbing things and has been forced to mature quickly, but I just couldn't help but feel that she lost a part of her character. Her once quiet, observing personality has become exaggeratedly outspoken and rash. It felt forced, and I missed our old, more mature heroine." (my review)" (my review)
5. Belly from The Summer I Turned Pretty 
"My biggest problem with the entire novel was Belly. Talk about an annoying character, sheesh. Sure, she reflects the insecurities felt by all young teens, but does she have to be quite so whiny and self-centered? From her obsession with Jeremiah and Conrad to her constant bickering with everyone, her personality holds few positive qualities. I found it difficult to relate to her often shallow worries." (my review) 
6. Gabe and Lea from A Little Something Different 
"Gabe and Lea's story is told through a series of brief observations by their friends, professors, strangers, and even inanimate objects. Readers barely get to see inside Gabe and Lea's heads due to this distant storytelling style. I was half impressed by the originality of the format and half annoyed by how little I got to know the characters. " (my review) 
7. Samantha from Ready or Not
"Samantha herself was an annoying character. Whiny and sometimes ridiculous, I could never force myself to really bond with her." (my review) 
8. Robin from London: Kit and Robin
"Robin's character drove me crazy. She causes so many problems for herself simply because she is stubborn and ridiculous. She tries to hide her Texan accent so she won't seem like a hillbilly, but she ends up looking like a fool. If she would have spoken up and just been herself, Robin could have avoided many of her sticky situations." (my review)
 9. Calder from The Fetch 
"The characters were the one thing that made me consider giving this book a three. Some of them were developed well, but others were cast aside and given little thought. The main character, Calder, seemed a little flat to me. Nothing about him stood out, and although I didn't dislike him, I didn't feel any connection with him." (my review)
10. Tiger Lily from Tiger Lily 
"Surprisingly, the story is told from the faerie Tinkerbell's point of view, even though Tiger Lily is the main character. I tried to like Tiger Lily. I really did. However, I couldn't make myself. She was too odd, too antisocial and hard to relate to. A large part of the problem may have been that the story is told through Tink's perspective. It was difficult for me to bond with Tiger Lily when she felt so distant." (my review)