Saturday, September 24, 2016

Let's Talk About Shazi

Over the past decade, Western society has made enormous strides towards gender equality. However, we all know that the media and other aspects of our world occasionally fail to portray women in the best light. Video games, movies, and even books sometimes portray as weak-willed and second rate. 

Fortunately, many authors of the twenty-first century are conjuring up female characters worthy of discussion and admiration. I've decided to highlight some of these characters with this meme, Queens of Literature. Each post will focus on a fictional heroine from a book I have read who possesses the qualities of a truly incredible woman.

(artistic rendering found online, not my own work)

The heroine of Renee Ahdieh's The Wrath and the Dawn

Who is she? 
Shahrzad is not your normal damsel in distress. Although she becomes the bride of a wife-mudering king, she has a plan to extract revenge in the name of her dear friend. Her loyalty to those she loves is fierce, and her sharp tongue never fails to strike at those who are deserving. 

Described as a skinny but beautiful woman, Shahrzad's appearance renders most men and women impressed. 

Why is she a queen? 
Ironically, Shahrzad is literally a queen (Calipha) of Rey in her tale, although her role is a result of a devious scheme to murder her king. However, this is not why I decided to award Shahrzad with the title. She's headstrong and immature at times, but her heart is true and strong. She never allows a man to walk all over her, and yet she still retains her femininity. Despite being surrounded by powerful men who wish to tame her unruly personality and confidence , Shahrzad's shine never dulls.  She's a ruler I would follow anywhere. 

A quote from Shahrzad:

“It's never been a question of who is going to let me behave a certain way; it's always been a question of who is going to stop me. I thank you for answering it.” (The Wrath and the Dawn)