Saturday, September 17, 2016

Throwback Author Spotlight: Clive Barker

So many times when I go throw my personal bookshelf, I run my fingers over the first novels that introduced me to the young adult genre. I'm talking pre-Twilight-era books that hardly anyone discusses nowadays. These are the books that fostered my love for teen fiction, fantasy, and reading in general. Therefore, I've decided to occasionally spot-light some of these hidden gems, partially because they deserve it, but mostly because I want to revisit some of my old favorites. 

This time, let's talk about Abarat by Clive Barker (2003).

Candy lives in Chickentown USA: the most boring place in the world, her heart bursting for some clue as to what her future may hold. She is soon to find out: swept out of our world by a giant wave, she finds herself in another place entirely...

The Abarat: a vast archipelago where every island is a different hour of the day, from the sunlit wonders of Three in the Afternoon, where dragons roam, to the dark terrors of the island of Midnight, ruled by Christopher Carrion.

Candy has a place in this extraordinary world: she has been brought here to help save the Abarat from the dark forces that are stirring at its heart. Forces older than time itself, and more evil than anything Candy has ever encountered. (taken from

Barker's novels are 100%, without a doubt, some of the most original works of fiction I have ever encountered. I read them in middle school, and I have still yet to discover another series that is quite as strange, fantastic, and otherworldly as this one. 

The books' one-of-a-kind feel stems greatly from the amazing pieces of artwork scattered throughout the story. Not only is Barker an original writer and storyteller, but he is also an incredible artist. One needs only to pick up Abarat to see the creative pieces hidden inside. And trust me, you won't regret exploring this strange series. It seriously changed the way I view fantasy novels.


All art belongs to Clive Barker.