Saturday, January 7, 2017

Author Chat: Lisa Maxwell (The Last Magician)

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"Lisa Maxwell is the author of Sweet Unrest, Gathering Deep, and Unhooked. When she's not writing books, she's an English professor at a local college. She lives near DC with her very patient husband and two not-so patient boys."

(photo and bio taken from Lisa's website)

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? 

I’m not sure that I ever realized it. I wasn’t brave enough to think I could do it or want to do it until I found myself with a PhD, a newborn, and no job prospects. But I think the thing that really inspired me to write was when I started reading Romance novels. I hadn’t really ever read them (mostly because they were what my mom read and I fancied myself more serious than that). Cue the no job prospects, and I couldn’t handle any more of the depressing endings of literary books, so I read Twilight and then I read Outlander and then I started into other time travel romances and Scottish romances and then suddenly, I was reading 10 books a week. They were plot-driven, smart, and I finally remembered why I loved books! Those novels were really the reason I decided that I wanted to write stories of my own.

Besides writing or reading, what is your favorite hobby? 

Cooking! I love making ridiculously complex dinners, mostly because my husband is always on clean-up duty.

Who is your favorite character that you've created? Why? 

I want to say Rowan from UNHOOKED, but my protagonist, Tessa, in THE LAST MAGICIAN is giving him a run for his money. She’s so smart and badass and capable.

If you could be an animal, what would you be? 

One of my cats. They’re living the good life.

How did you get your inspiration for The Last Magician? 

I’ve had this idea of a thief that could see in bullet time (think the special effects from movies like the Matrix) for a while now, but I couldn’t figure out where to set the book. I’ve seriously been thinking about this one for five years now. Then I introduced my kids to Newsies, and I realized that Old New York would be great. The more I researched about the time period and the city, the more the book came together.

What book are you currently reading in your spare time? 

I read Eva Leigh’s FOREVER YOUR EARL, a historical romance, recently. They tend to be my go-to type books. But honestly, I’ve been on one deadline after another lately, and between the day job (I’m a professor) and my kiddos, spare time has been in short supply. I’ve been reading a ton of research though. Right now I’m reading a non-fiction book about the history of rats in NYC, of all things. :D

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