Saturday, June 24, 2017

Author Chat: Carlie Sorosiak, Author of If Birds Fly Back

"Hi! I’m Carlie, and I wrote a book called If Birds Fly Back, which is about missing people and astrophysics and kissing and one completely transformative summer.

Although I grew up in North Carolina, I split my time between the UK and the US, hoping to gain an accent like Madonna’s. I have two polydactyl cats (Google it!) who are my writing companions, but I don’t let them type on my keyboard. Somewhere in my parents’ attic are all three of my degree certificates: one from UNC-Chapel Hill, one from Oxford, and another from City, University of London.

You can find me on Twitter at @carliesorosiak and as carliesorosiak on Instagram." (text and photo taken from Carlie's website
Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym? If not, what pseudonym would you pick for yourself?

I've always wanted to use my own name, because there are so few Sorosiaks - I have to represent!

Besides writing or reading, what is your favorite hobby?

Is cuddling cute animals a hobby? That's my favorite. I have two old golden retrievers and two polydactyl cats at home, and they pretty much make my life.

Do you have any writing quirks or habits?

When I'm on deadline, I write in one-hour blocks. I use the stopwatch on my phone and, every hour, force myself to take a dance break... usually to Taylor Swift.

Who is your favorite character that you've created?

I'd have to say Sebastian in If Birds Fly Back, largely because he's an aspiring astrophysicist and I had the opportunity to learn about the universe.

How did publishing your first novel change your writing process?

Publishing a first novel leads to things like deadlines and heightened expectations. I wrote If Birds Fly Back in an MA program surrounded by friends, and my second novel mostly alone at my kitchen table, with the eventuality that my agent and editors would read it along with a boatload of other people. I'm not sure how much my writing process has changed - I still begin with setting, work my way to characters, and then eventually arrive at the plot - but the writing process for my second book was tinged with more anxiety. Would anyone like my sophomore novel? Was the first one a fluke? Etc., to infinity.

What book are you currently reading in your spare time?

I'm currently reading The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord. I'm in love!

About Carlie's upcoming release, which will hit shelves on June 27:

A sparkling debut about love, family, and the mysteries of the universe.

Linny has been fascinated by disappearances, ever since her sister Grace ran away in the middle of the night without saying goodbye.

Sebastian can tell you how many galaxies there are, and knows how much plutonium weighs. But the one thing he can’t figure out is the identity of his birth father.

They’ve never met, but Linny and Sebastian have one thing in common: an obsession with famous novelist and filmmaker Alvaro Herrera, who went missing three years ago and has just reappeared. As they learn more about the mystery of Alvaro, Linny and Sebastian uncover the answers they’ve been searching for.

With humor and heart, debut author Carlie Sorosiak weaves a story of finding people who leave and loving those who stay, perfect for fans of Jandy Nelson and Emery Lord. (taken from