Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Great Glasses Resource for Book Lovers

I remember when I was fairly young, my eye doctor told me that reading could speed up the deterioration of my eyesight. It wasn't like I was going to go blind or anything, but my love for literature definitely played a role in my rapidly changing lens prescriptions.

To this day, my eyes are still changing on a yearly basis, and it's a struggle to constantly keep up with the proper diagnosis. My glasses and contacts are often different strengths, and sometimes I go too long before switching to a newer prescription.

That's why I've loved using GlassesShop.com to order my newest prescription glasses. They have a huge selection of eyeglasses on their website, and their prices make it easy for me to up my prescription without shelling out megabucks. I even invested in a pair of prescription sunglasses recently. Up until now, I'd never taken the time or money to obtain a pair, but it's made my driving experience so much better on a daily basis!

My newest pair of prescription glasses have a vintage type feel to them, and the lenses are large enough that they don't annoying hover at the edge of my vision. I'm in love!


If you, like me, put a lot of strain on your eyes and are looking to purchase new eyeglasses, I'd highly recommend checking this website out. Plus, I have a special promotion just for my readers! Use the coupon code "GSHOT50" to get half off on many eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses.

*This article was made in cooperation with GlassesShop.com.